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Mental Framing

Smart people simplify


Simplifying is very hard and it should be tried more often.

Team Building

The three pillars to assess A players

Fredi 6

The three pillars I look for when assessing new candidates wanting to join the team.

Product Management

My experience developing products in very early stages

Fredi 8

Creating products from scratch is a very interesting, fulfilling, and hard experience. Here are some insights I wanted to share about it.

Product Management

Why I'm interested in the convergence between people and technology

Fredi 7

One of my strengths is empathy, and I'm very interested in technology, a very good combination to have in product roles.

Mental Framing

The Mental frame while job hunting

Fredi Fernandez 14

Getting the job opportunity you want is hard, I reflected on some variables I think are worth exploring during the process.

Mental Framing

Having a clear vision to execute well

Fredi Fernandez 88

Yuval, a product executive. Reminded me of a simple but powerful concept that is having Clear Vision of whatever you want to accomplish.

Mental Framing

Important decisions and the Value of time

Fredi Fernandez 91

We need to be careful with the decisions that will cost time in the future

Mental Framing

Sounding smart vs being smart

Fredi Fernandez 37

Sometimes we prioritize sounding smart rather than communicating effectively

Mental Framing

Changing a Habit

Fredi Fernandez 13

Some insights on how we can change bad habits for better ones from the book 'The power of Habit'

Mental Framing

How do Habits work?

Fredi Fernandez 10

Some insights on how Habits work from the book 'The power of Habit'

Mental Framing

The Craving brain

Fredi Fernandez 16

How is our brain react to rewards from the book 'The power of Habit'