Directive coaching style: This style involves the coach providing specific instructions and guidance to the coachee. The coach is in charge, but also takes into account the coachee's individual needs and preferences.
Set one goal

AI-Coaching with weekly follow-ups
Weekly reminders



Supportive coaching style: This style is characterized by a coach who is empathetic and understanding. The coach helps the coachee to feel supported and validated, while also helping them to reach their goals.
All in Starter Plan plus

Up to 3 goals

Ability to edit your goals

29.90€ / month


Transformational coaching style: This style focuses on personal and professional growth, helping the coachee to reach their full potential by building their self-awareness and confidence. The coach acts as a mentor and motivator, helping the coachee to set and achieve their goals.
All in Plus Plan plus

2 hours of human coaching

99€ / month